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Zengeler Cleaners Donates Face Masks

Zengeler Cleaners Donates Face Masks to Local Not-for-Profits

Image Apparel Solutions, Zengeler Cleaners team up to provide cloth masks

Northbrook, IL, June 16, 2020: Since its founding in 1857, Zengeler Cleaners has consistently supported the communities it serves. That initiative has been handed down from John Zengeler, the company’s founder, through five generations of family leaders. John Zengeler’s legacy remains alive and well today, this time in the form of the donation of face masks to local not-for-profit organizations from the Midwest’s oldest and largest cleaner.

“More and more local residents have turned to not-for-profit organizations for short term assistance during this unusual time of need,” said Tom Zengeler, President of Zengeler Cleaners. “Additionally, the State of Illinois has asked residents to wear face masks as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. It stands to reason that if a family needs services from a food pantry or other organization, they may not be able to afford face masks, either. We felt it would be important to donate reusable cloth face masks to such organizations.”

This month, Zengeler Cleaners donated masks to Lake County Haven of Libertyville, a social-service agency dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless women and children, using education, employment, and life-skills training to help people move from homelessness to independence. Zengeler Cleaners also donated masks to the Libertyville Food Pantry, an affiliate of the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Additional donations are planned in July for similar organizations in the Northbrook and Deerfield areas.

Zengeler Cleaners’ face mask donation program is conducted in cooperation with Image Apparel Solutions of Wheeling, Illinois. Image Apparel Solutions will donate masks to organizations in need of them by matching one-for-one with each mask Zengeler Cleaners purchases for employees, customers and/or masks purchased to donate on their own. “We really appreciate a key supplier like Image Apparel Solutions stepping up to help make this program possible during these trying times,” continued Zengeler. “This is a great example of the culture of the cleaning industry: owner/operators and suppliers working together to support the local community in its time of need.”

For more information about the mask donation program, please contact Tom Zengeler at 847.272.6550, ext. 14. For more info about Zengeler Cleaners, please visit Zengeler Cleaners stores are located in Deerfield, Hubbard Woods, Northfield, Winnetka, Northbrook and Long Grove, along with two locations in Libertyville.

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