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Setting the Table for Family Dinner & At-Home Gatherings

Toward the end of each year, many publications share their predictions and trends for the year ahead. We don't recall seeing any that predicted the comeback of consistent family dinners at the table, and a summer filled with at-home gatherings.

Employees and customers have shared that dinner at home on a consistent basis has been a silver lining during our quarantine. They feel at-home gatherings will continue throughout the year.

During the month of May, table linens are 20% off. Setting the table with clean linens, perhaps a small bunch of flowers, and even candles, offer us a little relief and meaningful time with those we care about most.

We wish you safety and health during this challenging time.

We are here for you.

Thank you for your business and support.

Don't forget, we offer free pick up and delivery for business and family. Check out our website to sign up. It's easy!

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