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Reflections On Our Tradition of Giving

Donations Make a Difference in the Community

Zengeler Cleaners celebrated 161 years of service in northern Illinois this year – quite an accomplishment, if we do say so ourselves! One constant in our company’s history is the ongoing tradition of giving back to the community.

We do our best to donate time, money and manpower to dozens of local organizations each year. The contributions have added up to thousands of dollars of cash and many, many times that in donated cleaning services.

Zengeler Cleaners actively seeks opportunities to support worthy causes in each of the communities where our stores are located. Every town is different, so every town has unique needs. Sometimes, that means we provide labor and services; other times, it means we provide financial support. Either way, the common denominator is every village and town needs local support, no matter what their needs might be.

We make it a point to identify projects, organizations and activities where our help can make a difference in each community. Zengeler Cleaners’ community outreach touches a wide variety of organizations that in turn represent a cross section of the community.

In addition to the categories mentioned above, we also provide support for women’s shelters, social services, activities sponsored by faith-based organizations, as well as park district and athletic programs for girls and boy of all ages.

Supporting local communities has been a family tradition since the company was founded in 1857. My great-great grandfather believed local companies were in partnership with their communities. He also felt a true partnership meant support for community organizations that provide services to our youth, the elderly and the arts – services that are often the lifeblood of towns and villages where our customers, employees and families live and work.

Zengeler Cleaner’s “signature projects” are its annual support for the Glass Slipper Project, a Chicagoland organization that turns prom dreams into reality for high school women, and Coats for Vets, a program that provides clothing for veterans as they readjust to civilian life after serving the country.

Over the years, thanks to all of our generous customers like you, Zengeler Cleaners has collected more than 56,000 prom dresses and tens of thousands of coats, jackets and other articles of clothing for veterans in need of assistance.

Thank you for your business and support! ~ Tom Zengeler


For more information about community involvement at Zengeler Cleaners, contact Tom Zengeler, President, at (847) 272-6550, ext. 14 . . . or visit Zengeler Cleaners’ here, Facebook and Instagram. Zengeler Cleaners … America's First Family of Dry Cleaning™, with locations in Northbrook, Winnetka, Deerfield, Northfield, Hubbard Woods, Long Grove and two stores in Libertyville.

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