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Recycling Event in Libertyville Sat 5/8 from 10am to 1pm

Along with our friends at Sunrise Rotary and Sunset Foods, we are supporting a recycling event in Libertyville. The event will take place Saturday, May 8th from 10am-1pm in the Sunset Foods parking lot at 137 and Butterfield Road in Libertyville.

Are you looking to throw away some old electronics? Are there items in your house you have been wondering how to dispose of?

Do you want to make sure it does not hurt the environment and can be safely recycled?

Libertyville Sunrise Rotary and Sunset Foods in conjunction with Blue Star Recycling have the event for you.

What can be recycled: All Computers-NO FEES

Desktop Towers, Laptops, All Cellphones, and Power Cords

General Electronics- Fees Apply ($.55 a/lb.)

Flat Screen TVs, CRT Displays, Tablets, Microwaves, Vacuum Cleaners, Printers, Keyboards, and most other corded Household Electronics

Mis Media- Fees Apply ($3.00/lb.)

All VHS, CD, DVD, BluRay, Back Up Tapes and Cassettes

Alkaline Batteries ($3.50/lb)

If you have one of those Projection TVs that is stuck in your basement or garage, they can come over to your house and pick it up for you, too!

Thank you!

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