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We know you are busy. 

That's why we come to you.

You pay no more than you would at our stores. Sign up below, or call 847.272.6550 x10.

Try us for 30 days. We promise to spoil you! 

How our Zengeler Home Delivery Service works...


No Minimum Orders

We will happily come to your home, no matter the size of your order. Call 847.272.6550 x10 to find out what days we provide service in your area. 

No-Hassle Payments

There is no wait to pay and no fee for delivery. We automatically charge your VISA, MasterCard or Discover card for your cleaning. 

Zengeler Express Bag

Receive one of our sturdy eco-friendly Zengeler Express bags for your dirty garments. Your personal valet will leave one for you each time your clothes are picked up. 

Choose Your Delivery Location

You tell us where to pick up and deliver your clothes, whether it's at your front, side or back door, in the garage or with the concierge. 

Personalized Garment Care

Your Zengeler personal valet will ask you for your specific instructions for general care. This information is kept in our database and checked every time we process an order for you, so we'll always know exactly how you want your garments cleaned. You can always provide "special care" instructions with any pickup. 

Convenient Schedules

Your personal valet will come to your home twice a week. If you have garments to be cleaned, they'll pick up your Express bag and return your clothes to you professionally cleaned and ready to wear according to your delivery schedule. If you have a special need, you can call your personal valet to make special arrangements. 



Sign Up and Get Started for Delivery Here

we will contact you

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you to verify & obtain payment options and your cleaning details. Thank you! 

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