A personal message about your health and safety from Tom Zengeler


Like you and other Americans, Zengeler Cleaners is doing our best to navigate the uncertainties of Covid-19. That means listening to the science, then making the best possible decisions about the health and safety of customers and employees based on the latest available information.

One fact we hear over and over again is the importance of “social distancing” … a new term now dominating the news. At the same time, Zengeler Cleaners is an essential service and we plan to remain open for business with full production, where our high-temperature cleaning process provides a dependable option for garment care.

While we remain open during these challenging times, please know we offer many alternatives that respect the spirit of social distancing. For example …

  • FREE in-home pick-up and delivery: to help you avoid unnecessary trips from your home

    • If you currently have an order at any location that you need us to deliver, please call the store where you dropped off your order to arrange for FREE delivery to your home

  • 24-hour Express Bag drop-off service: allows your to drop off your cleaning and laundry 24-hours per day, 7 days a week – without direct person-to-person contact

  • 24-hour full service drop-off and pick-up: an automated service available exclusively at our Northbrook and Long Grove locations – again, without direct person-to-person contact

  • Drive-through lanes: available at all locations except Winnetka and Hubbard Woods

  • Full service means full service: we’ll clean 100% of your laundry – every item you need cleaned

To better serve you, Zengeler Cleaners is asking our customers to consider the following …

  • Drive-through service: please use our covered drive through service and avoid coming into the store as much as possible

  • When dropping off clothing: please bring your items to the store in the backseat or trunk whenever possible (alternatively, please use your passenger seat)

  • Recycling hangers; we are not accepting recycled hangers until further notice

  • Modified store hours: as an essential business, we are committed to maintain as many hours of operation as possible; please see below for our current hours at each location


We will get through these unusual and challenging times just as we always do: together, as Americans.

Thank you so much for your continued patronage.



Thomas J. Zengeler, President

539 E Park Ave., Libertyville, IL  9am - 4pm (same day service) 

792 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, IL  9am - 4pm (same day service) 24/7 kiosk

1452 Waukegan Rd., Deerfield, IL  9am - 4pm (next day service)

1656 Willow Rd., Northfield, IL  9am - 4pm (next day service)

1010 Tower Rd., Hubbard Woods, IL  9am-4pm (next day service)

4188 Route 83, Suite A, Long Grove, IL  9am - 4pm (next day service) 24/7 kiosk

754 Elm St., Winnetka, IL  10am - 2pm M-Sat (next day service)

1401 Peterson Rd., Libertyville, IL  9am - 4pm (next day service)

Saturdays, all locations: 9am - 3pm (except Elm St which is 10am-2pm)


Until further notice, in store drop off & pick up allowed at all locations 

Please consider our drive-thru, pick up & delivery, express bag drop off


A Higher Standard in

Fabric Care

We know you have many choices for your dry cleaning and fabric care. But the truth is, not all dry cleaners are equal. For over 160 years Zengeler Cleaners has invested in the best dry cleaning equipment available, and we use natural solutions to clean your garments. High tech equipment, high quality solutions, and our skilled employees ensure A Higher Standard in Fabric Care. 


Our on site tailors have years of experience and can help your garments fit perfectly. Proper tailoring preserves your clothing, and insures you look your best. Taking the time to properly tailor your clothing means the fit and finish is perfect, giving you style and confidence. 



We are committed to a safe environment and never use harmful toxic chemicals. Choosing Zengeler means your clothing colors look brighter, feel softer, and our process ensures your garments last longer. We do not use PERC.



We are dedicated to investing in equipment and technology to safely clean your garments and make your experience with Zengeler easy and efficient. Our technology helps us protect your clothing, the environment, and makes your visit faster and more efficient. 

© 2018 Zengeler Cleaners

Illinois, USA

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